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The Main Floor Lounge

The success of a formal gathering can be measured according to three metrics: the attendance, the drinking menu, and the space. In as much as the last two measurements can affect the first, we have taken great pains to create the most charming spot for a gathering in all of Salt Lake City. Our Main Floor Lounge boasts a wonderfully bespoke wine cellar with classic vintages from all over the world, while comfortable seating is arranged to increase the intimacy of small groups.

No matter how Lake Effect has been described, whether that be as a pub, a formal restaurant, or a concert venue, our defining characteristic has always been the marriage of the contemporary with the vintage to make a space that feels timeless. In many ways, our Main Floor Lounge is the epitome of that mission. Traditionally, the lounge or sitting parlor was a room for conversation and refreshment, a place near the private sleeping chambers where one could entertain close acquaintances and unwind after a long day. When you are sitting in one of our refurbished vintage chairs, sipping a pinot noir and chatting with a friend or significant other, we hope you will feel the pleasure of that tradition as it is infused into your experience with us.The Main Floor Lounge is a fantastic alternative to some of our larger spaces. With a capacity of only 40 people and a perfect blend of atmospheric and natural lighting, our space never comes in danger of problems that beset other smaller meeting places, like being too claustrophobic or oppressive.

Availability for the Lounge follows the same protocols as the rest of the Main Floor, due to its being a working restaurant. Unless you are interested in renting the entire building, the Main Floor Lounge is unavailable from Tuesday thru Saturday. You can reserve the Lounge by filling out a private events form.

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