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Rabbit Hole Lounge

Please note that booking the Rabbit Hole means booking the ENTIRE Rabbit Hole, not just one or two booths within it.

We pride ourselves at Lake Effect in running a restaurant striving for unparalleled atmosphere and quality; an evocative space that brings together the liveliness of our day with the historicity of generations past. In each seating area, you can gather with dozens (or even hundreds) of friends, neighbors, colleagues, family, or pleasant strangers for a night of good food, drinking, and leisure. With ample seating, live music, and good food, we help make every social gathering — from college graduations to 50th wedding anniversaries — a special one.For patrons seeking a more intimate seating area in which to enjoy a delicious Salt Lake City brunch, our Rabbit Hole Lounge offers the closest quarters.Wine and Dine in StyleFurnished with comfortable leather chairs and plush benches, guests can sample a wide selection of cocktails, beers, and wines from our curated drinking menu, or dine well for lunch or dinner. On those occasions when you are looking for a different pace to the evening, the Rabbit Hole Lounge will provide.

Similar to our other venues, the Rabbit Hole Lounge is available for reservations and rentals. Thanks to its more secluded nature, this area isn’t subject to the same restrictions as our Main Floor and Main Lounge rooms, which must account for all the traffic of our busy Salt Lake City bar. The Rabbit Hole Lounge can be reserved on its own and makes for the perfect place for small gatherings of up to 40 people. Reservations can be made by filling out our private events form and we can accommodate parties at all times of day, including get-togethers for a delicious Salt Lake City brunch in the morning or lunch in the afternoon. Reserve the Rabbit Hole here!

At Lake Effect, we have venues suitable for gatherings of any size and purpose, and many of our most loyal patrons count the Rabbit Hole Lounge as their favorite place in the restaurant. By retrofitting a turn-of-the-century hotel, we revel in the history of our city and wish to become the best Salt Lake City bar in operation. Come by and spend some time with us, and feel for yourself the atmosphere of class and joie de vivre that is Lake Effect.

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