Supporting Small Venues and Artists During the Pandemic

In 2020, more so than in years past, we have heard the words ‘support local’ or ‘order in’ as words of encouragement to help local economies. Perhaps small restaurants and local family businesses come immediately to mind when thinking about economic downturn. The fact of the matter is, many large industries have taken considerable hits, some that we don’t often consider. According to Busines Insider, these are the top 10 hardest-hit job types:

  1. Scenic and public transportation
  2. Amusement parks and casinos
  3. Clothing stores
  4. Laundry and other personal services
  5. Dental offices
  6. Motion picture and sound recording
  7. Restaurants and bars
  8. Home furnishing stores
  9. Sports and performing arts
  10. Hotels

Now, perhaps we could have guessed the majority of these, but there is one industry in particular on the list that is often overlooked- one that we can do a great deal to support, and that is the industry of performing arts. Influencing community culture and lending inspiration to individuals, performance artists bring color to circles large and small. Especially in larger cities, live music culture in particular is a large part of people’s lives. But it seems like the days of gathering for large concerts will continue to be put on hold for the time being. In the interim, how can we support artists?

Here it is Again, Support Local.

Since large gatherings are still not permitted or advised in most areas of the country, we may need to turn our attention to the smaller venues. There are many wonderful venues-in downtown Salt Lake City alone, where local artists showcase their talents and build their musical followings. Not only is it enriching to the listener, but the support is greatly beneficial to the artist. 

For larger artists, it can be easier to stay popular and relevant due to social media presence and streaming services. For local artist, the work remains largely in the trenches- intimate settings with small groups of listeners. A number of popular artists have gotten their start this way, and Salt Lake City is certainly a hidden gem for musical talent

We Are Happy to Promote the Salt Lake City Music Culture

Six nights a week, Lake Effect invites local musicians to play an evening set. There are frequent new additions to the nightly lineup as well as more tenured Lake Effect performers. Music styles range from more upbeat to soft and relaxing. Of course, we encourage the expression of art and value the uniqueness and approach of each group who plays on our stage.

One group you might see if you come visit our bar in Salt Lake City is Lounge 40, one of the top easy-listening bands in Utah. Lounge 40 delivers soft rock and easy listening classics from a large number of artists including Marvin Gaye, Paul Simon and Nat King Cole. This is very talented band that can be enjoyed casually in a setting with drinks and good company. 

Another band that is frequently on our stage is Jake and the Heist. Mixing pop, soul, and R&B, this group delivers a more punchy set. Fans of Justin Timberlake, Prince, and Bruno Mars will feel right at home listening to these tunes. The instrumentation is practiced and polished, while the vocals are clean and soulful. If you like original, catchy music, check our calendar and come listen to Jake and the Heist.

If you like to listen to rock classics with a slight country flair, youre sure to enjoy Marmalade Hill, another frequent showstopper at our bar (pictured above). On nights when you are feeling like tapping your toe and standing up for a dance, this group is a must see during your Salt Lake City bar crawl. 

Another fantastic local artist you may see at our venue is Lynn Jones. Incorporating expert musicianship with classic songs, many have voiced their preference of Lynn’s creative direction. For a more one person, guitar, and mic feel, come check out Lynn Jones one of these nights. You will find refreshing familiarity and remarkable uniqueness all at once.

Of course, any one of our performers is well worth mentioning. This is just a summary of a few that have contributed to the local music culture we so enjoy. In the midst of economic turbulence, don’t forget about music and the performing arts. There is no better time to support small venues and local musicians. Come enjoy a evening of live music, culture, fun, friends, food and drinks with us at Lake Effect. You are in for a great night.