Spirit of the Season: Whiskey

Lake Effect, located in the heart of Salt Lake City, offers an awe-inspiring collection of over 150 beers, 100 different wines, an unparalleled selection of whiskey and spirits, and a tasty food menu as well. A relaxed, modern environment sets the mood for a magical evening for all occasions from celebrations to private events, concerts, and parties.

The Menu

If you’re a wine connoisseur, Lake Effect’s premium list will not disappoint. From Casanova di Neri “Tenuta Nuova” Brunello Tenuta Nuova to Opus One (Napa Valley) to Dom Perignon Rose, a French wine—this Salt Lake City bar has it all. There is bound to be something for everyone amidst their collection of Italian, French, and Spanish wines.

If you take more to liquors, you can skip over the wine list and choose from a large variety of whiskeys. Lake Effect serves German, Polish, Irish, Japanese, Canadian, and Taiwanese whiskeys. Many of these spirits have been brewing for over 25 years. Some of the choice drinks on the menu include Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey, Whistle Pig Rye “Boss Hog” Black Prince, Redbreast 21 year, Ohishi Tokubetso Reserve, and Kavalan Sherry Oak.

How is whiskey crafted?

The process of making whiskey is certainly one of patience. It usually takes anywhere from 3 years to decades and is quite complicated.

Whiskey starts with barley or a grain of choice. The barley grain is harvested and then, soaked in water until it is saturated. During this time, water is sprinkled about on the grain, so that it begins sprouting. This process happens over several days. It’s important, because the sprouting, aka malting, creates an enzyme that is going to help convert the starches into sugars.

Once the sprouting occurs, it’s time to begin mashing. This is partially what is going to help flavor the whiskey. Sugar and yeast are introduced as well as heat, to get the mash to the proper state.

Then, fermentation takes place. This happens in a sealed container. Whiskey distilleries need to be very conscious of the temperature and the length of time this happens so that the brew does not grow bacteria. The fermentation process does not take typically more than a week’s time.

Distilleries then use a still to distill the alcohol. The temperature again is vital for not only the product itself but also for safety ( if things get too heated or there’s too much vapor, explosions can occur).

Lastly, the whiskey is stored in barrels so that they can age well with time. Many distilleries use white oak barrels because they are leak-proof and the whiskey sloshes in and out of the pores of the barrel, to help with the flavor. Of course, every brewer has their own special mark that they put on their brand or add to the process.

Whiskey should give off a flavorful sensation when it touches your pallet. From the moment it hits your lips, it should create complex flavors that leave you with an after taste as well. Adding just a splash of water, sometimes just drops can be all the difference in bringing out said flavors.

Lake Effect offers an extensive collection of diverse whiskey products. You will want to try them all. Stop by during the holiday to their welcoming atmosphere. Bask in the nightlife that is Lake Effects. They’ve got just the spirits you need for the season.