Scotch Dinner at Lake Effect, June 25th

By now, you are probably familiar with our monthly wine and whiskey tastings. We love being able to introduce you to new flavors, walking you through the different notes and getting to experience alcohol in a new way. This month, in June, we are bringing another tasting to you: Scotch. However, with our scotch tastings, we have an entirely new experience planned for you.

Jimmy Santangelo

Hosted by Jimmy Santangelo, we are going to be putting on a scotch dinner on the fourth Tuesday of every month for the remainder of the summer. Jimmy owns and operates the Wine Academy of Utah, and his flavor profiles are stunning.

Menu and tastings

This night will go a bit differently than our other tastings in the past have. When you arrive, you will be given a welcome cocktail while you mingle. Following this, we will taste three 1 oz scotches paired with bites to specifically compliment or contrast the specific scotch. At the end of the night, you will be getting an Irish coffee and a sweet to wrap things up.

Register to come!

If you’re interested in attending our Scotch dinner, give us a call at 801-285-6494. Seating is limited! The entire experience is just $55.