Our Temple City Tonic: An Elegant Twist on an Old Favorite

Although widely known as a mixer, particularly with gin, tonic water was originally made popular for its medicinal uses. In essence, tonic water is a carbonated beverage in which quinine is dissolved— a safe and natural compound that is known to provide certain benefits to the body. Now, this combination of water and other natural ingredients is popular for its unique bitterness, perfectly paired with choice alcohols. 

Our Menu Now Features the Temple City Tonic

The classic gin and tonic finds its origins in the early 19th century and was nothing more than water, sugar, lime, quinine, and of course, qin. Over time, large amounts of ice were added to the mix, and a traditional favorite was born. 

At Lake effect, we added a few tasteful embellishments to this classic. It is always our pleasure to go the extra mile in the name of elegance and distinctiveness. Our take on the classic gin and tonic boasts the following ingredients:

  • Holystone Cerulea Gin
  • Genepy
  • Scarlet Glow Tea
  • Lime
  • Thyme
  • Fever-Tree Tonic

If you are in the mood for a flawlessly crafted cocktail, you may want to give this one a try.

The Lake Effect Difference

When it comes to the spirits we use, we don’t settle for ordinary. A gin and tonic bearing the Temple City name must be local. Each bottle of Holystone Cerulea Gin is proudly distilled and bottled by hand in Murray, Utah using raw ingredients and techniques that bring new meaning to the term ultra-premium. 

Since a little liquor goes a long way, most drinks are 75 percent mixer and other ingredients. When it comes to mixers, quality matters. For this reason, we use premier Fever-Tree tonics—recently voted the best-selling and top-trending tonic water for the 7th year. For a mixer that does justice to the world’s finest spirits, Fever-Tree certainly delivers. 

Made from tart hibiscus, linden, lemon verbena, and natural sweeteners, Scarlet Glow herbal tea introduces sweet notes and a complex depth of flavor to the cocktail. Paired with genepy (a traditional herbal liqueur) a touch of thyme, and a squeeze of lime, a mouth-watering yet soothing blend of flavors is achieved. 

For a modern take on a prized classic, come visit us at Lake Effect and try our Temple City Tonic. While you’re at it, enjoy a delicious chef-prepared meal and live music from local Salt Lake City artists. The Lake Effect Experience awaits you.