Our New Tex-Mex Inspired Menu

We are so excited to introduce our new seasonal BBQ/Tex Mex Menu here at Lake Effect. We like to switch up our menu with the changes of the season, so there’s always something new to try when you come to Lake Effect. Make sure you come in before it’s gone, and let us know what your new favorite menu items are!

Inspiration for the new menu

The inspiration for this menu comes from our chef, and her upbringing. Her dad’s side of the family is from Louisiana, while her mother’s family is from Arizona. This has given her a perfect mix of southern and tex mex, and this menu is inspired by that, while still being the kind of cuisine that you are used to seeing here at Lake Effect.

Something for everyone

When you think of barbecue and tex-mex, you generally think of things that are heavy in meat, and while we are so excited to show you are house smoked meats, we also have some incredible vegetarian and vegan dishes coming to the menu. Vegan jamaican jerk tacos and spicy smoked cauliflower banh mi are just the beginning.

Limited time, make your reservation now!

As we mentioned before, we change our menu a few times a year, so if there’s something on our new menu that you want to try, make sure you come in and try everything you want before it’s gone for good! You can give us a call at (801) 285-6494 to set up your reservation and to ask any questions you may have!