More Than Mimosas: How To Select a Blissful Spot for a Successful Brunch

Whether you are planning a Sunday fun day for you and your friends, putting together a meal to “meet the parents” that puts you in a prime position to impress, or simply want to slip into bliss before beginning your work week… Brunch is one of the best outings on all fronts! 

Your choice in venue is perhaps the most vital part of the planning process. To vamp up your brunch, consider the following aspects and verify that your morning meal spot will “deliver the goods” before you buckle down on a meeting place:

Consider Menu Options

Crafty Cuisine — Food for All Dietary Flavors

Don’t waste time agonizing over your invitees’ preferences… Opt for a spot that provides a flavor for every taste! To ensure that everyone will have plenty of options to choose from, choose a crafty restaurant with whole-food ingredients. That way, those with specific dietary needs will be just as satisfied as those who want to swim in the more sugary or savory breakfast options.

Daytime Drinks — Sippable & Revitalizing 

Whether you plan to “party it up” in the evening or go about a productive day after your brunch winds down, you probably won’t want to “go under” early in the day! Instead of selecting a spot that simply offers beer and shots of well liquor, find one that will foster an energized day ahead with an array of sippable, refreshing beverage options

Tea and coffee cocktails, as well as those made with fresh fruit juices, botanical syrups, and luscious liqueurs, will boost both your party’s mood and stamina. That way, everyone can keep up their energy and enjoy whatever else they might have planned for the weekend!

A Balanced Brunch Ambiance

Inviting Decor — Upscale Yet Laid-Back

Brunch should feel both classy and comfortable. While choosing an overly refined restaurant may make the members of your party feel rigid and “not quite ready” to open up, a downright divey backdrop might drag down their demeanor. An upscale and tasteful brunch place with a relaxing ambiance, on the other hand, will help to retain a cheerful and cozy vibe and allow people to feel lighter for the duration of the day!

Background Music — Live & Lively But Not Too Loud

What better way to make lasting memories than to add a little live music to the mix? With musicians vibing in the background, your brunch members are sure to vibe too. Live music that is quiet enough to continue conversation will liven up your table for a more energized bonding experience. Create better relationships between all involved with the power of music… Take a look at live music event calendars online and opt for a place with soulful tunes that still provide space for shared banter, so everyone’s personality will shine through at your brunch!