Lake Effect’s Cocktail Class: October 15th

bartender drops ice cube into glass

Have you ever wondered why the drinks you make at home don’t taste quite as good as the ones you get at the bar? Now you can learn all the insider tips and tricks at Lake Effect’s Cocktail Class hosted by Michael Lee! Our first class will be October 15th in the Lake Effect’s Rabbit Hole. Michael will walk you through how to make and the history behind three classic cocktails—a daiquiri, a gin martini, and an old fashioned. The ingredients may be simple enough, but the technique behind each is key and Michael will teach you the how and why behind each step. The three drinks will be paired with family-style dishes created by our chef, Adrian Harris, so you’ll have all the keys to host your own classy dinner party. Because of the style of the event, there are only 20 spots available, so make sure to call and reserve yours today! October 15 @ 6:30 – Class + Food + Drink $75For reservations call our event coordinator, Heather, at 801.941.2006