Lake Effect Cocktail: Sweater Weather

We adore Sweater Weather. No, we’re not talking about the sweater season itself, the “vintage” SNL skit, or even that 2011 anthem song that some still play with heavy rotation on their winter playlists. We’re talking about a drink. In fact, we’re talking about a Lake Effect Cocktail, built and perfected by our lovely bartenders. Because nothing, not even the best sweater one can wear, can take the bite off the cold quite like this Apple Brandy concoction.

Sure, this time of the year is the perfect occasion to stay home, adorned in the comfiest of weather-appropriate attire. However, it might be time to say farewell to your humble space heater, embrace the chill, and find yourself a handcrafted cocktail to cozy up with instead. We promise no judgments at Lake Effect, you can still wear your favorite sweater while having a drink with us. So, let’s take a few minutes to appreciate what makes up this drink.

  • Alpine Lafayette Whiskey. Sometimes you make friends with those who think that a whiskey, is a whiskey, is a whiskey. Those aren’t your friends. We are. We love whiskey as much as we love whiskey lovers, and that’s why the base of the Sweater Weather is Alpine Distilling’s Lafayette Spiced Whiskey. This complex mix begins with a classic Kentucky Bourbon and is made anew with the flavors of apricot, cinnamon, and aromatic primrose. Every now and again, we love a whiskey that deviates from its traditional path, especially when it’s got an excellent origin story.
  • Lairds Apple Brandy. Forget about the three-grain cereal, Lairds Apple Brandy is the original (and quite possibly the greatest) “Applejack” on the market. Laird & Company take this quite seriously. In fact, they’re using the same recipe for their apple brandy today as they did 200 years ago. 100% apple brandy, minimum aging of 4 years, bottled at 100 proof. A kick of spice and wood is eased by the notes of a warm baked apple. Honestly, it’s like sipping on a liquified apple pie.
  • Zirbenz Stone Pine Liqueur. You might be noticing a theme here. This cocktail is built upon rich whiskey liqueurs and brandy that harmoniously blend the taste of sweet fruit with the richness of an aromatic finish. Zirbenz Stone Pine Liqueur is no different. The slight herbal pine notes are softened by a smooth and slightly sweet taste of fresh fruit. It brings about the aroma of a classic winter cabin, except you can drink this bad boy.
  • High West SS. Smokey, sweet, and spicy. Nothing beats out the new classic that is High West Distillery Whiskey. With the smokey bursts of a smoldering wood campfire, the sweet edge of vanilla and toffee, and the spice of a perfectly blended chai, with nutmeg and cinnamon, this whiskey was built for the cowboy in all of us.
  • Apple Cider & Ginger. Of course, an ideal blend of whiskey and brandy might be enough for your cocktail, but we like to wrap our holiday presents up with a big bow. The flavor elements of apple cider and ginger really tie this drinkable gift up with style. The perfect companion to any cool winter night, both ingredients are a staple in a classic mulled drink, so why not add it to ours?
  • Orange Bitters. The topper to many refined beverages, orange bitters serenade your nose before moving on to the rest of your palette. This hint of zesty citrus rounds out your Sweater Weather, adding that last touch of depth before you take your first sip.

Each handcrafted cocktail from Lake Effect is made with a purpose; a drink for every season or vibe, you could say. The Sweater Weather is no different. With the crisp, sweet taste of a freshly picked apple (spiked with the finest brandy) and the spicy, aromatic flavors of ginger, this particular cocktail is as refreshing and relaxing as spending the morning at an orchard and an evening listening to Burt Bacharach by a roaring fire.

Come join us in the heart of downtown at Salt Lake City’s favorite bar. Need to add a comforting meal with your cocktail? We recommend exploring the Lake Effect seasonally rotating menu. There’s always something new and exciting to pair with your drink.