Lake Effect Band Highlight: Lounge 40

When Lake Effect’s massive doors open back up, we invite you to sidle on up to our wall of top-shelf spirits (the kind we keep on every shelf here), grab a stiff (or soft, we’re here to serve, not to judge) drink, take a deep breath, and take a moment for yourself to reflect upon the preceding months. We know that it’s been a doozy—one for the record books, really—but, you know what? You made it.

You’re still here. And, you’ve chosen to break the widespread socializing fast by sitting down for a cold one with us: and honestly, we couldn’t be prouder. We also want to offer you a soothing panacea to the ailing ills of having lived through structured isolation—sans live entertainment—for the past two months. Well, it may seem counterintuitive after having just emerged from a hole of your own, but we’d like to invite you to venture down one more: climb down our rabbit hole to find the “reality underneath the reality,” and check-in with yourself via the mellifluous sounds of one of our top live bands.

To ease you back into the dream of daily living in shared spaces, we’d like to offer you the chilled-out stylings of Lounge 40, one of Utah’s top easy-listening bands. With their slapping bass, a-rockin’ rhythm section that soothes and cools even as the night heats up, and a drummer who keeps it tighter than an N-95 mask, Lounge 40 delivers intricately layered soft rock and easy listening classics. Boasting not one, but two phenomenal vocalists, the duo can sing solo or combine to duet, covering a wide variety of artists from every genre; their inspirations include—but are no way limited to—Marvin Gaye, Paul Simon, Stevie Wonder, Nat King Cole, Roberta Flack, and even Rihanna.

No matter the cover, Lounge 40 delivers lounge music of the highest caliber. After many weeks of having to bunker down, it’s time to allow some enthusiastic entertainment to ignite that socially distanced heart.