Featured Cocktail: The Cozy & Classy Cinn-A-Sour

At Lake Effect, our cocktails are made with a purpose. Sure, we could just throw in the good stuff in and assume you won’t challenge our decisions, but we like to inform our patrons of the “what and why” behind each of our exquisite concoctions. So begins our journey into breaking down our favorite Lake Effect original cocktails just for you. We know that the more you know about them, the more they’ll feel like an old friend in a lovely glass.

Today we’ve decided to feature a Lake Effect Cocktail that brings about nostalgic memories. Like cozying up next to a campfire at the end of the season to share sweet treats and spooky tales, we give you the CINN-A-SOUR.

Of course, the end of summer doesn’t mean the end of Lake Effect Cocktails inspired by adventurous shenanigans and long summer nights. However, as the weather lessens its heated hold on us, and the pumpkin flavored treats reappear at our favorite cooperate establishments, we all know what our tastebuds want: the thrill of spicy, cozy fall. Basic as the “fall aesthetic” has become, the Cinn-A-Sour is far from basic, giving you all the autumn feels you’ve been missing. So, what’s in your glass?

  • Buffalo Trace Bourbon. Straight, distilled, mature. And no, we’re not talking about your Dad. We’re describing one very exceptional Kentucky Bourbon. Simply put, this bourbon whiskey is delicious on its own but plays well with others. Bold and smooth, tender yet complex, it holds hints of vanilla, toffee, and dried fruit. You’ll be sent on a wave of cold weather wistfulness.
  • Cinnamon Bark. Old school and well-loved, the cinnamon bark gives way to the warm and aromatic flavors of the Cinn-A-Sour. Never jump to the assumption that cinnamon means sweetness. The cinnamon bark used in this cocktail adds a touch of citrus flavoring, a sharp spiciness, and a buttery undertone.
  • Lemon. Sour, refreshing, and straight to the point. The splash of lemon brings about the final upbeat twist to your cocktail. There’s nothing better than an inkling of sour with the devilish sweet.

The taste of zesty lemon plays out as a delicate ode to summer days gone by, but your tastebuds will relish in the spice of cinnamon filled days to come. This cocktail only consists of three ingredients, but with its flavorful complexity, it doesn’t need anything more.

Want to pair it with a meal? If you’re feeling inclined to a gratifying drink and dinner combo, we recommend the Sloppy Cow as your pairing. The beef brisket sandwich is smothered in Lake Effects house bourbon bacon bbq sauce, making it both delightfully smokey and rich. It’s an ideal pairing for your Cinn-A-Sour, and a pleasing way to say ta-ta to summer until next year.