Drink Literary Perfection: The LE Breakfast of Champions

Without any shame, sometimes you just need to start your weekend off with a nice, firm, and comforting craft drink. We’ve been there. Of course, we appreciate the simple, straightforward cocktail as much as the next drink connoisseur, but here at Lake Effect, we aim to enhance your encounters with flavors.

After setting your nose to the grindstone all week long, you may just need that hearty “pick me up” kind of cocktail. In Salt Lake City, such a cocktail can be hard to find, so we invented one. Now, we all know a nutritious breakfast is a great way to start any day, but what if you want to add a little kick to your coffee this weekend? 

Lake Effect’s got the perfect early morning brew for you. Pair it with your hearty eggs and bacon, and take on the tongue-in-cheek of a Vonnegut novel while showing them that Wheaties isn’t the only Breakfast of Champions. This cocktail resembles another handcrafted classic, but with our tweaks, we’ve contributed to a new one. So what’s in your morning cup this time?

  • McAfee’s Benchmark Bourbon No. 8. Sounds classy, tastes even classier. If you’re not too keen on bourbon, this is the one for you. This well-balanced whiskey is smooth throughout, so you’ll never start a sip to only find a turpentine finish. Just enough sugar and spice, and ends with a kick that’s ever so nice.
  • Amaro Nonino. This bad boy is concocted from the blend of herbs and spices in a base of grappa. Containing everything from saffron and rhubarb to bitter orange and tamarind, the Amaro Nonino is a popular choice for many classic cocktails. This particular amaro is less sweet, less bitter, and a fair bit lighter in texture than other Amari, proving it can play nicely with everything else in your drink.
  • Dolin Dry Vermouth. The ever wondrous Dolin Dry Vermouth de Chambery is aromatic, light, and fresh. With a delicate wine base and over 30 Alpine herbs, this particular vermouth has been the highest standard within France, and later, around the world. Its approach on the palate is both floral and clean, allowing it to be subtle while still having a satisfying complexity.
  • Cinnamon Bark Syrup. Uncomplicated and delightful, we make our syrup with equal parts sugar and water, and of course, an ample amount of crushed up cinnamon sticks.
  • Cold Brew Coffee. Caffeine is the key ingredient in this leisurely drink. Who doesn’t love a copious amount of coffee in their morning beverage? Need a pick me up while you’re falling over slowly? No worries. Our cold brew’s got you covered.
  • Tobacco Bitters. As the name of the cocktail suggests, you can’t have a true breakfast of champions without a nod to the early morning cigarette. Smokers and non-smokers alike can enjoy the essence of tobacco bitters. Throw caution to the wind and dive right into savory notes of tobacco, clove, and a hint of vanilla.

Strong, savory, and to the point, this cocktail is poured and stirred over large ice cubes. And with the flourish of an orange peel garnish, your drink is complete. Of course, a breakfast of champions—in its original prose—meant only a cup of coffee and morning cigarette. However, you might decide you need a meal with more flavor and nutritional substance. Thankfully, Lake Effect has you covered. Our delightful brunch menu is served every Saturday and Sunday from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm. Between beloved avocado toasts, small plates, and heartier meals like our butter pecan french toast, you’re never short on satisfying food options to pair with your morning cup (or glass).