3 Best Winter Spirits

It’s just a matter of time before the snow falls and all off-the-slope recreation brings itself indoors for the Winter. However, nights in don’t have to be boring. At Lake Effect, we invite everyone in the Salt Lake City area to join us during the winter for a night of good food, good drinks, good music, and good company. Our drink menu features a number of cocktails perfect for chilly winter nights. Although, these drinks are only as good as the liquors inside them. For those looking to diversify their winter cocktail selection, we’ve made a quick list of the top three liquors for the winter months.

1. Cognac

Cognac is a variety of Brandy that originated in France during the 17 century. This liquor is grape-based and often features flavors such as fruit, caramel, nuts, honey, vanilla, and spices.  

Featured Cocktails


Red Breast 12yr, Pierre Ferrand 1840 Cognac, Lemon, Demerara, Cinnamon, Cardomom, Angostura Bitters

New York Sazerac

High West Double Rye Whiskey, Absinthe, Pierre Ferrand 1840 Cognac, Demerara, Bitters

2. Whiskey

Whiskey is a grain-based liquor that has its origins in Scotland. This spirit is commonly aged for depth of flavor and can vary greatly in its alcohol content and quality. At Lake Effect, we select only the choicest whiskeys to incorporate into our famous cocktails.  

Featured Cocktails

Sweater Weather

Alpine Lafayette Whiskey, Lairds Apple Brandy, Zirbenz Pine, Apple Cider, High West Syrup, Ginger, Orange Bitters

Vieux Carre

High West Double Rye Whiskey, Pierre Ferrand Ambre, Carpano Antica Formula, Benedictine, Bitters

3. Vodka

Vodka finds its origins far back into the 8th or 9th century in northwestern Europe. Traditionally, vodka was made by distilling grains, however, potatoes have been commonly used in recent times. 

Featured Cocktails

24 Karrot

Wheatley Vodka, Fernet Branca, Carrot Juice, Lemon, Ginger, Cracked Pepper

Espresso Martini

Wheatley Vodka, Coffee Liquor, Frangelico, Cold Brew, Espresso Demarara, Vanilla

Experience Lake Effect This Winter

If one of the above cocktails doesn’t strike a chord, we have over 100 different wines, 150+ beers, and the largest spirit selection you can find in the state of Utah. Come enjoy our unique ambiance while sipping a glass of any of our amazing beverages. We’ve got just the spirits you need for the season.